The Unworthiness of Transformation

The Unworthiness of Transformation

If your standards and integrity are not in place, you will remain stuck in the unworthiness of transformation.

You say you are bored and unhappy in your current situation. Yet the shackles of your comfort zone keep you tied, preventing you from stepping out of the box which would require commitment, and doing what you said you would.

Whilst the other party may or may not be upset with you not showing up like you said you wanted, that’s their business not yours. What is your concern, although you don’t own it, is that once again you have betrayed the possibility of recognising your own self value and worth.

For that is what you truly desire – to step into your fullest value. You are only ready to experience the most expansive version of this when you are prepared to do or say whatever it takes.

No matter what it costs, whether in time and money, or relinquishing approval or security from others, so you could stand in the ownership of self-love, values and desires.

Frankly, you’re simply not ready to give that up. You have no concept of what it means to know your truest worth and purpose in this lifetime.

Most don’t, as it would require leaving the version of themselves they know, yet despise so much, and the prospect of diving into the void of the unknown terrifies you.

It’s so much easier to hide behind excuses. “I’ve got X, Y, and Z as a priority.” “It’s not the right time”. “I can’t afford it”. “I need to get permission to do this”. The same old stories you been running from your shadow all your life.

Whilst you justify your reasoning in your head, more often than not, you don’t even have the balls it takes to tell the truth to the other party concerned.

You sweep it under the carpet, hoping they will forget, while you get on with the oh so busy job of being thoroughly bored and disillusioned. If you don’t have the gumption to tell the truth to someone, how do you ever expect to look deep inside and own the truth of who you are?

You have no idea who that is, what would be revealed if someone tore off your masks, or how you would cope with the backlash of those around you if you actually stepped in to the depth of your own power. If you shatter the illusions maintaining the shallowness of your life, the prospect of the unknown completely scares you.

The deepest transformation is driven by the heart and intuition. By continuing to make decisions in your head, you create small-minded solutions to the small-minded problems, and never shift into the expansive nature that lays within you.

The next time you get excited and lit up when you recognise someone is showing you the escape route, never do your heart the disservice of overriding it with the logical reasons as to why that path cannot be followed. Every time you do, the lock gets tighter on the prison cell of your thoughts.

Instead, act with integrity. Recognise the truth within yourself – is it your shadow or your power that has made this decision to do or not do something you said you would? Has your mind overridden intuition – again?? Either way, own your decision, and share it when required. Then you’re starting to inch towards having integrity.

Stop giving your heart false hope you are ready to find the freedom you crave if you’re not prepared to maintain your standards the sovereign being of your life creates, or to keep in place your own boundaries an act with integrity in all you say and do.

For your willingness to change is directly reflected in your willingness to maintain your own integrity.

Are you worth it? I know you are. It’s just that you don’t, because no one has ever reflected the truest deepest value of your soul back to you. I hold the mirror, I remove your mask, and expose the truth.

I hold you accountable to your exacting standards, and that requires you operating from integrity at all times. So start now, and show your own heart you value it sufficiently to stop betraying your own worth through your inactions.

Keep your promises. Be true to your word. Maintain your standards, keep the dream alive that one day you will be brave enough to step into the void of the unknown, and exponentially evolve.

It’s what your heart dreams of. The ultimate liberation.

Josephine Sorciere is the sophisticated ringmaster of the new breed of changemakers. Elegantly witchy, and insatiably insightful, she is the Alchemist who births the next generation of Legacy Leaders.

An inspiring author, wisdom teacher, coach and encoder for many lifetimes. More of her work can be discovered at Her philosophies, knowledge and story can be explored in depth within 2020: The Alchemists Awakening