Encoding and activating extraordinary people
to their enigmatic frequency. 


Your life, your way. No Matter What. 


It is time to claim the truth of who you really are.


To have clarity on what you came here to clear, experience, and evolve into.


You long to bring the dark recesses of your mind to the light which have held your genius hostage for eons, ready to be set free.


To see and be seen in your deepest authenticity, operating on your innate power and freedom of mind. Creating your life, your way, no matter what. Become ALIVE once again.


Your pure Sovereign Self beckons, leaving consensus far behind.


Welcome to the worlds of
Josephine Sorciere, The Evolutionist


Leading you to deeper levels of your truth.
Activating extraordinary people into their enigmatic frequency.


The path is ready for you to walk home to your own heart.


You may first wish to meander on the journey through all aspects of self, transmuting the shadow into light, then transverse into the void of potentiality.


The kinship of other curious minds here to know and own ALL facets of self, for this is where liberation lies.


Then I invite you to open The Gateway, a unique membership portal to explore more of your true nature.

Single Time Bender : Split Time Mender : The Evolutionist

Perhaps you are ready to unravel the mystery of your mind, cutting straight to the potency of your potential, embodying the revelation of your deepest essence. Through the principles of Portalism, the wounds of all times can lives can be healed, the powers you once had, ignited. Explore more of the path to becoming the Enigma you are.


Haute-couture tailoring of your uniqueness awaits in a 1-1 Initiation with Josephine Sorciere The Evolutionist. Defy the Labyrinth as she takes you through the hidden crevices of your mind, flashlighting your blind spots along the way.

josephine sorciere