Creating Dark Disruptors and Alchemists who bring Witchery to the Workplace.
It is time to rip off the masks of shallowness and boredom.

Become the Cosmic Artisan who stands in your own power
of self-expression and authenticity.

Your life, your way. No Matter What. 

2020: The Alchemists’ Awakening

Two volumes of profound wisdom, insight and coding to create an immersive experience into expanded awareness.


Essential reading for all those ready to claim the Truth of Who They Really Are and step into their own power, authority, freedom and choice for life. On their terms, their way. Out of illusions and into the reality which has lain hidden from humanity for eons.

The Alchemists' Awakening
the dark disruptors

The Dark Disruptors

You are ready to shatter the paradigms for profound change and become the Legacy Leader you are here to be.


Step into a world beyond belief, where there is no norm. Your DNA is pounding in your veins to create massive disruption and bring into being a new stance of leadership and vision never seen.


Just like you have done in many lifetimes before. Except now, it’s the real deal, on the cutting edge of consciousness. You have a vital role to play in transforming life as we know it.


For high level corporate types & established entrepreneurs.

Disruptive Initiation
The Magician

Unleashing The Alchemist

The elegant, sophisticated woman yearns to shatter the illusions of her life and swim to the depths of her truth. To feel the ultimate freedom from the masks she wears, and transcend the limitations of her cultural cages.


She longs to explore her innate power, kept shackled in her belly since childhood. Longing to escape the madness of normality and enter a secret world of magical potential.


It’s time to claim your Inner Sorceress. Your Genius Giant.

Unleash The Alchemist
Confident man in classic grey suit sitting on chair in cabinet


The charming and influential gentleman  is ready to  come face to face with his darkest secrets and fears. The ones that hold him hostage, unable to claim his deepest power and ownership of who he really is.


He is ready to unravel to paradox of his own existence and see the Truth of what is. Only then will he be free of societal paradigms and inner demons keeping him from unlocking the real powerhouse.


It’s time to claim your kingdom, power, and glory.


Josephine’s Wisdom

  • freedom of choice

    Own Your Choices

    20 years ago today, I arrived in New Zealand to start a new life. I had two suitcases, heading to a friend’s to live, never been there before. Not a

  • The Authentic Author creates Authority

    When you fully grasp that you are the author of your life, you immediately stamp authority and ownership into this world. Writing your script, your wa

  • Is it really too good to be true?

    If an experience you have had was too good to be true, you are limiting your expectations for life itself. Your default mind questions how it could po

  • Kali has paved the way for Dark Disruption

    Kali has come crashing into our world, upheaving every crevice of this planet like never before. She has had enough of the linear awakening, and is sm

  • The Unworthiness of Transformation

    If your standards and integrity are not in place, you will remain stuck in the unworthiness of transformation. You say you are bored and unhappy in yo

  • The Unlived life of a parent

    “You so desperately wanted children from an early age to wipe away the pain caused by abandonment from your own father. He left a gaping hole in you