2020 The Alchemists Awakening

2020 had us all questioning the very purpose of our existence – what normal do we want to return to? Do you choose fear of what might happen or live fully in the present, on your own terms, no matter what? The Alchemists’ Awakening provides the wisdom to dive in and retrieve your lost authenticity, power and ownership of who you really are. Stop seeking solutions outside yourself, relinquish your desire to be fixed or be saved. It is all within you.


It is for those ready to claim their freedom from the illusions of life, who are dying to live with no concept of how, regardless of how much self-work or awakening they have done.

NOW is the time. It is the only time.


Now is the time to ignite your own Cosmic DNA and remembrance of abilities laid dormant for centuries through Josephine Sorciere’s philosophies of Portalism. You are here to be a Disruptor of the “new normal”. We are at the tipping point for the future of humanity, you have a role to play.


The advanced level explorations of evolving consciousness are written over two volumes, far from the regurgitated teachings of the Light Grid. Each contain insight into world events of 2020 and their deeper meaning. Portal openings, astrology and deciphering texts weave together ancient and future timelines. Synchronicities and symbology abound, time is collapsed to bring an intriguing journey leaving you hungry for more of your Self, your true nature.


Welcome to the Universe of Josephine Sorciere. As a Scribe and Mystic, she weaves and encodes her deep power and magic into your psyche, awakening the Alchemist within.


Your heart and Soul hear the sound of freedom calling, come claim it and start creating real transformation in your life and the world around you. Out of human conditioning into liberation, power and truth.



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Josephine ran a Masterclass and Activation for each of the Volumes.


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