who is Josephine Sorciere
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There is a woman… the sophisticated ringmaster of the new breed of change-makers and magicians. Elegantly witchy, and insatiably insightful, she is the Evolutionist who encodes the next generation of Legacy Leaders.


Josephine energetically awakens your Genius frequency, encoding extraordinary people into next-level brilliance. Liberation from centuries of cultural conditioning, freedom from the shackles of your troubled mind. Destroying the paradigms of your life. The depth of your Truth will be revealed, the illusions shattered, until your power can no longer be leashed.


Want to see and be seen in your deepest authenticity, claiming with full authority who you really are?


Then come into this woman’s beautifully designed yet deeply challenging cauldron, allow her to hold up your mirror of illusions– and see it crack from side to side.


Superconsciousness is indeed being unfurled at the fingertips of The Evolutionist, leading you home to your Truth.

The enigmatic
Josephine Sorciere


Tailoring the coding specifically to your Eonic Design, which has existed in the past, present and future.


The multi-faceted ringmaster of witchy elegance offers her Coven Collection to those searching for leading-edge energy solutions for mind, body & Soul, all with the grace & sophistication of a 21st century Alchemist


Prasamana is Awakening Luxury. Discover the stunning range of silk scarves and reversible meditation wraps. Take your sacred space with you always.

Unique hand-finished works of wearable art wrap you in the energetic codes of the Universe. Luxurious elegance.

Awakening Luxury

Creating high frequency energetic spaces with the latest technology. Neutralise harmful EMF radiation, wifi, 5G and energetic imprints to radically reduce stress on your body.

Adopt solutions providing the purest vibrations for your mind, body and spirit.


Josephine Sorciere is an unusually powerful mentor. I started working with her as I began a major life transition, leaving a career and business of more than 20 years. Josephine weaves magic into the alchemy work and the results for me have been big, tangible and profound. Within 3 months I have cleared out a lot, changed my relationship with my body, and started a new business that incorporates my own higher powers. I recommend Josephine highly.  Deena Donayre , Dubai


“I felt called to work with Josephine the minute that I first heard her speak. There was something deep in me that just knew this was the right next step for me and so I took the leap and never looked back. Every aspect of my life has been changed since my very first session. Through a combination of quantum work with Josephine in session and powerful energetic tools to use on my own I have achieved new levels of inner freedom, peace, unity & power I never knew were possible. Josephine Sorciere is indeed one powerful witch and I’m honoured to have worked with her.


Thank you Josephine!”       –       Breanna C.