Haute-couture consciousness tailored specifically for the client’s unique Blueprint, 1-1 with Josephine. The passages open the doors to claim who you really are.

[For a very rare few who already lay claim to being an Enigma, The Prodigy Initiation awaits.)


If after reading this page your mind still insists on overriding your heart’s yearning and intuition ringing with a resounding yes, then the frequently asked questions may allay your (illusional) fears.



I invite you to first access five days of wisdom and insight into the life of a (would-be) Enigma – You.

There are seven Passages of Initiation through my work, embodying the encoding of your DNA genius, to become who you really are.

All must undertake the first stage of Initiation and may only be invited to move on to the second and subsequent stages once the first is completed.


For those who consider the introduction levels are not needed, there is no fast track to Truth. It must always be earned through the Rites of Passage, as you move from one evolution to the next.





Step through the doorway and shift into a new reality beyond the scope of your small mind. The catalyst of your most profound transformation to possess deep innate power and knowing awaits.


As a Master Key Holder, I intricately carve the niche of opening in your soul. Unlocking your new reality through the Codes of Portalism, unleashing the power of many lifetimes as we stand on the precipice of a new era for humanity. It cannot be learnt, only awakened IF you hold the codes.

I provide you with the map, will you follow it to the treasure?


Clarity of purpose lies in the quantum realm of a new reality. Condensing time of metamorphosis. This is urgent, the alarm bells are ringing within that it must be decoded. The Enigma that is you knows this.


Transmuting your perceptions of what it means to be alive, I ignite Innate Intelligence – IIQ – that only you are wired for. (You will currently feel it burning a hole in the remembrance of your heart.)


I spiritually guarantee a revolution in your psyche during Initiation to change your life and perspective forever. This is the foundational Rite of Passage.



Become who you really are. Unlock the map and awaken the dormant coding. Arise from the depths of your conditioning, break all shackles to your shallowness and master discernment between truth and illusion, power and fear.


Claim, define and take the stance of your true nature, without restriction from anything or anyone, especially yourself.


Own your power, authenticity and authority as the creative being you are. All concepts of taking time to evolve can be smashed when you harness the quantum energy through your unique cosmic coding.


Consciousness is the new currency, time to make bank on what is innately yours.

A three-month intense journey creates emergence into your Enigma.


There is no turning back.





You have switched on your authenticity and are hungry for impact. To bring disruptive solutions to the norm of your niche. Your powerful influence is creating a tidal wave of change to be felt throughout your corner of the world and beyond.


Ready to call in the Collaborators of Genius to facilitate the birthing of brilliance into the world. Running the high frequencies of synchronicity, the doors simply open to opportunities and resources you are calling in.


You know precisely how to eliminate the illusion of fear within yourself and in others when you sense the unseen blockades. Entering in and out of your enigmatic zone becomes second nature, and there is no other place you would rather play the game of life, full out, on the court.


The power you hold and run is unparalleled to those around you. They are inspired to turn their own lights on. Gone are the days of being responsible for them or caring what they think. Your mission is singular, evolving through being an expression of the Universe itself.


You know it, feel it, live it and breathe the very essence of your innate power and authenticity.


It is all you came here to do.





Creating new constellations of collaboration at the centre point of the seven-stage journey of evolvement, The Convening is a round table for visionaries, where future selves meet in the Zone of Conscious Creation.


An evergreen arena with tiered levels, depending on your Initiation training and apprenticeship into brilliance. With forums to cut across the board of hierarchy, this is a free-flow cauldron for impactful solutions designed by those who KNOW what is required at the root level.


There is nothing like this on the planet. Experience innovation through all angles and spheres.




The mystery of the Inner Sanctum is only accessible upon 3D mastery and integration.


Very few have the competence and insight to immerse fully.

The Cosmos has no room for ego. It only wishes to experience itself through your Individuation.


Restricted to those capably coded for conscious revolution across the face of humanity.

Still unsure what an Enigma is –  if it’s really you? Immerse in the wisdom of remembrance here.



I have taken two  programmes with Josephine and in this time the following has changed: 

I no longer suffer from debilitating anxiety and comparisonitis which has freed me to continuously expand into who I truly am. 

I know myself more intimately on all levels of my being. 

I now have the tools and encodings to alchemise and transform all aspects of my being that may still be operating in fear. 

With Josephine’s help, we uncovered and reprogrammed deep, hidden aspects of my character and personality that were deeply ingrained and causing great pain and suffering. 

I now have access to higher aspects of my being that are beyond my mind ( freeing myself from the conditionings of the mind which is liberating, expansive and powerful ). 

I am no longer afraid of the unknown and know how to wield the energies in my favour. 

I have connected to multidimensional parts of myself that bring me such joy, wonder and love. 

I have a deeper sense of self worth and love that I didn’t know was possible which has transformed everything about me, from the way and what I consume, to my commitment to my journey, to my discipline, to the way I talk to and about myself, to the way I hold myself. Everything Is changing or has already changed for the better. I have transcended addictions and have also noticed changes in my physical body.

On a professional level, I have found my IT which had been missing. The way I show up now has opened me up to many opportunities and collaborations. And most importantly my work has become my purpose which in turn continues to free me. 

Kaya Hankar, Nairobi

(Kaya has subsequently done three additional Passages)

Before working with Josephine, I had been really feeling disconnected and frustrated with life and had little idea of where I fit in to it. When we connected for an initiation, there was such conviction and authenticity in the way that she approached it that I quickly understood I was called to the right person at the right time. I knew that I needed something deep and profound to take me from the place of living as a victim, and really owning and taking responsibility for my life. Josephine’s specific genius is tuning in to what’s here right now, to not having an agenda, not knowing but yet holding the space for whatever shows up.


I never felt I was being led somewhere where I wasn’t supposed to go. And I always felt held in the space through the uncomfortableness as deep as it got for me many times. I understood that she was taking a stand for me, giving me the space to do the work that I needed to do, and holding me accountable for accepting who I am at my core.


I am much more open to the magic and privilege of being alive after our work together. I truly understand that my existence at this time is not insignificant and have a deeper sense of belonging and wonder.  

Beth Nelson, US