Definition of Prodigy: someone with a very great ability that usually shows itself when that person is a young child (Cambridge Dictionary)


You have operated in your Zone of Genius since a young age.


The tunnel vision of brilliance has been learnt, honed, crafted beyond your natural abilities to dazzle the world with your talent.


Prodigies are the Enigmas who were never thwarted in their mission; tunnel vision and zero doubt.


The Prodigy: Mastering the truth of your Genius            4 minutes


As a Prodigy, perceptions of obstacles most often dissolve simply by being true to who you really are.


A natural creative and visionary, you are a master of profound self-expression resulting in accolades and recognition. You are the rare artist at the top of your game, known for your individuality.


Whether it be on stage or screen, as a chef, designer, author or the brains behind world-leading solutions.


You are continuously exploring and expressing your mysterious abilities at new levels, entwining your mind, body and spirit to levels rarely witnessed. 


So much has been gifted to you…


… Yet you are petrified of losing this genius talent you are infamous for.


Driving yourself beyond obsession, terrified it could be taken from you,  dreading what will happen as you get older. What would happen if you had an injury or took a career break – would it be game over?


The silent pressure to continually evolve, impress and move to deeper layers of complexity of expression is a heavy burden few are aware of. 


It is your driver, the essence of purpose. Yet the weight is growing…


Feeling the weight of the masks of excellence you wear, extreme emotions have been felt all your life. 


What if people stop adoring you?


What if they desert you?


Then who would you be? 


The Answer: Relief only comes by surrendering to the Genius within. 


Do not become a prisoner of your ego. Elvis Presley, Marilyn Munroe, Robin Williams – prodigies who could not handle their power, relinquishing themselves to illusions of self.


Being cut off for some of 2020-21 gave you a taste of the terror and uprooting of your soul you never wish to feel again. Nor will you have to, once I unearth your inner secret of truth.


This wisdom and encoding are delivered within the highly confidential walls of the Inner Sanctum – via The Prodigy Initiation.


The Prodigy Initiation will:

*rip away the masks of illusions to reveal and connect you to the truth of who you really are

*how and why the unseen forces of your genius have revolutionised the landscape of your vocation

* activate an intense level of self-expression whilst leaving your ego at the door, liberating your deepest treasures which have remained hidden for eons

* provide a glimpse of your future self and life, the vision for magnifying your legacy

*unravel your complexity and unite with the simplicity of your Soul that you long for


It is NOT some black magic ritual or other quackery. Your burning questions are answered on the FAQ page.


When ego crosses the threshold, it is stripped back to the bare bones by truth and insight, leaving you to witness the glory of the simplicity which lies beneath.


Your investment for The Prodigy Initiation is US$2500

Please allow up to 2.5 hours for the Initiation.


It IS the key to freedom of your heart and mind which Josephine guarantees you will experience like never before in your time together.


Will the burden of your genius will cripple you or take you deeper into self-liberation and the true meaning of your existence?


Only you can decide.


Initiation awaits.


Once tasted, you will be hungry to explore the path to sustaining the highest frequency of energies beyond your current talents: The Assimilation.


The Assimilation is an haute-couture programme tailored to evolve the mystery that is you. 


Josephine will determine if you are ready for the ultimate expression of your true nature during your Prodigy Initiation.



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