Definition of Enigma: Something that is mysterious and seems impossible to understand completely
(Cambridge Dictionary)


Who would you be if you liberated your genius?


Unique as a fingerprint, your inner wiring is coded for brilliance, which no one else will ever understand fully. Yet you are willing to do what it takes and uncover your hidden purpose which lies deep beyond any surface illusion of life.


You are The Concealed One, you are The Question which contains hidden meaning, poised for discovery in order to change the planet.


The Enigma: Own the greatest version of your brilliance (4 mins)


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Enigmas fully live on their terms, being creative artists in their field, painting the landscape of the world with vivacity and boldness.


They are not subservient people-pleasers, instead, leading the way through innovation, emergence and deep self-expression.


Their stance of authority may be questioned, but only by those who are challenged to go beyond the norm of acceptability.


Enigmas have existed throughout the aeons, history books remind us of the greats. Not for what they had, but for their insight, wisdom, inventions, theories, solutions.


From Galileo to Einstein, Ptolemy to Newton, Akhenaten to Musk, they all brought forward disruptive concepts to shake the norm. They also all had The Bigger Picture in mind. Connection to the Cosmos, the Universal Mind.


THAT is what Enigmas came here to do.


You bridge the gap and funnel in the tangibles to revolutionise your corner of the world. Enigmas are coded for this, they know it and it is the sole driver of their existence.


You are determined to express your genius, beyond ego and facade. You will be remembered for who you were, not what you had.  Only you know what power lies within, what you have access to, unseen by the prying eyes desperate to understand just how you transformed so quickly.


Once they witness the freedom you have found in living your highest values, no matter what, people become curious. Very few are ready to Do The Work, yet enigmas know the shackles of limitation must be shattered if they are truly ready for liberation and fully aware of the deep responsibility this requires.


There comes a point when there is nothing left to do but dive deep into the truth of who you really are.


Cracking the code of your own enigma is only known to you and me.


Therein lies the mystery to most, and clarity within.


The ultimate paradox of living, to create life beyond death.


Day after day. Lifetime after lifetime.