The Alchemist’s Coven


The New Age is about to be birthed in the 4th dimension and requires being written and spoken into existence. There is no skipping from 3D to 5D as the spiritual crowd would like you to believe.


Welcome to the Coven of the dark feminine energy, where Genius’ meet, by invite only, to be part of the Cosmic Rollout Plan.


You role as a Decipher and Facilitator in your niche is paramount to welcoming in the new frequencies here to change the face of our existence.

Explore the realms that await, held in secret texts within the Alchemists Coven. Here you will:


*  have access to the secret Facebook Group : The Alchemists Coven where texts can be deciphered, your own wisdom and insights shared, with direct access to Josephine to answer your questions

*  access to this group remains whilst your monthly subscription is current

*  access to 2021: the Fourth Awakening – a series of volumes documenting what has unfolded in the world since January 2020, the changes in consciousness and what lies ahead, transcripts of channel

*  regular updates throughout the week in real time of what is unfolding, snippets of channelled consciousness as it arrives to be included in the following months texts.

*  each month, a new section will be published one month after the month has completed. e.g. you will have access to the complete June section in membership beginning 1st August.

*  with access to the books, as well as the group, this is activating your own frequency to align with the new energies coming through, giving you insight into your role in this lifetime


I welcome you to my deeply challenging Coven, where liberation over the next decade is waiting for you to claim.

There are two paths from which to choose entry to the Coven.

The first is a deep dive Initiation session of 90 minutes where I reveal the aspects of you across all areas of your life keeping you shackled in the illusions of your life.

Receive a profound energy encoding to eliminate the key patterns trapping you inside your head.

Your investment is USD$369.

The second is a Soul revelations session of 60 minutes where I share your Akashic record reading, the gifts and challenges you are here to experience – until you are ready to finally clear your woundings once and for all.

It includes an energy reconnection to your own power source so you can finally stop floundering and expect others to fulfil you. This is reclaiming YOUR own power.

Your investment is USD$250.

I promise you this is nothing like you have read before. The teachings of the Light Grid are dead. The Ancient texts are ready for version 2.0. They were only created for light, we need to enter the dark to regain our balance.


We are unearthing the energies of both Isis and Osiris and opening the portals for the merge to arrive.


Until we meet in The Alchemist’s Coven,

josephine sorciere