It is time to shatter the paradigms of transformation, unleash your Alchemist and stand in your full authenticity as a powerful magician.


Break free from the shackles of human conditioning, and transcend your own limitations. Who else is explaining the Truth Of Who You Really Are to you?


Can you feel your heart pounding as all you have upheld on the path of Awakening so far is smashed….. Your deepest and most profound abilities are found in the dark feminine energy of the Cosmos.


If you feel like a secret door is being pushed open and you are glimpsing a taste of freedom on the other side, you are ready to dive into the depths of YOU.


Ripping to shreds the human construct and illusions. Experiencing the ultimate liberation from the cages of your mind.


You have had enough of hiding the anguish you feel in your heart about life, suppressing the inner anger towards the never ending question, “is this it?” End the eternal seeking.


Does your own innate power which you have never claimed terrify you? How long can you cling to the illusion of power your mind has? Isn’t it time to go beyond your Shadow running your life?


When you are ready to push open the door of the Coven, you are invited to receive an Alchemy Initiation with Josephine.


This requires you to complete a questionnaire first, which exposes your deepest secrets, ones which you may not have considered before.



In your 90 minutes with Josephine, you will experience

*  The raw truth on lifelong patterns of operation keeping you trapped in the shallows, on the eternal quest for  the answers you desperately seek

*  Energy Ignition of your pure potent power, so it surges through every fibre of your being, giving you a taste for what lays hidden in your depths

*  Absolute clarity around resolution of your biggest issue in your life


After your Initiation, Josephine may invite you to work with her further. She only invites those Souls who have demonstrated their willingness to unleash their Alchemist.


Those ready to claim their authority and authenticity, and break free from the shackles of the mind and conditioning.


You will be confronted with the truth through revelations and insight as to how to rip off and finally destroy the masks of life that weigh so heavily on your shoulders.


Your Investment for Alchemy Initiation is US$500.
Please allow up to 2 hours for the Initiation.


Discover what it will take to watch the mirror of illusions crack from side to side, and walk through the shadows of reflection to claim your own innate power and magic that’s been asleep for centuries.


Bring witchery to the workplace, magic to motherhood, wizardry from the cosmos. Transcend the egoic forces with an unseen power as a catalyst for radical transformation in all your relationships.


Can you handle the ultimate freedom and are you ready to do what it will take to finally be free of your shallow life? Josephine will determine this in your time together.


First, you will explore and reveal your hidden fears to Josephine.

Are you ready?

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