You have been searching all your life for your meaning. The essence of  Soul purpose still remains elusive.  Unsure HOW to harness the gifts and abilities you have carried forward through many lifetimes, or even what they are.


What is even more frustrating is the repeated life patterns playing out, keeping you from the freedom and magic you know is within you.


Recent world events have you excited and know it’s TIME to finally put your cosmic wisdom to use in this reality.


You have followed the path to Josephine’s door, knowing she has the answers you seek inside. The wisdom to expose the truth and the abilities to encode you back to who you really are.

When you are ready to peak inside you are invited to a Soul Revelations session with Josephine.


In your 60 minutes with Josephine, you will experience

*  The insights to your own Soul realms, the gifts and challenges each brings

*  what your Soul is requesting of you now to play your role in global transformation

*  Access to your realms through an Energy Initiation Encoding to open up the portals to your own power source once more.

*  Written Soul Realms reports subsequently to the session.


After your Initiation, Josephine may invite you to The Alchemist’s Coven, a monthly membership portal where the myth of the new consciousness is being revealed. It is the only place you can gain access to 2021: The Fourth Awakening, Josephine’s teachings on life in the new dimension. Immerse in the mysteries being revealed to each participant through synchronicities, the currency of the new world. Be part of the re-writing of human existence.


She only invites those Souls who are willing to dive into the exploration of the new, who long to have a place to explore the true wisdom of their cosmic nature AND land it in reality.


Your Investment for Soul Revelations is US$250.
Please allow up to 90 minutes for the Soul Revelations session.


Discover the Truth of Who You Really Are without the light grid fluff and illusion.


Are you ready to catch a glimpse of your true genius?

By booking your Soul Revelations Session, you agree to our Terms of Service