Alchemists Coven 2.0

The Alchemist’s Coven


The New Age is about to be birthed in the 4th dimension and requires being written and spoken into existence. There is no skipping from 3D to 5D as the spiritual crowd would like you to believe.


Welcome to the Coven of the dark feminine energy, where Genius’ meet, by invite only, to be part of the Cosmic Rollout Plan.


You role as a Decipher and Facilitator in your niche is paramount to welcoming in the new frequencies here to change the face of our existence.

Your Codes of Remembrance were ignited simply by reading 2020: The Alchemists’ Awakening.


You hungered for the masterclass where you dove deeper into the embodiment of the experience.


Now you yearn for a sacred place to explore more of the wisdom, of your own innate knowing.


The Alchemists Coven 2.0 will be a three month membership accessible by invite only after an initiation


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I promise you this no ordinary book club or Coven. A place of mystery, discovery, elation and expansion awaits. Immerse in the energy of pure awakening.

Until we meet again, in this lifetime or the next,

josephine sorciere