The Alchemists Awakening

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Join Josephine for exclusive access to the Masterclass and Activation recording from 8/8/21 which you can access for free simply by leaving an honest review on Amazon once you receive your copy of 2020: The Alchemists’ Awakening Volume One.


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The Masterclass includes

* Overview of the book itself – how it can assist you in awakening at an exponential rate, beyond standard Light Grid teachings

*Wisdom teachings based on Q&A which were provided by original participants. Provides another opportunity to remember why you are here and how to hold your frequencies.

*Guided Activation to ignite The Codes of Remembrance. The energy imprint of the book was wired directly into your Cosmic Coding, to assist you to re-member with the truths, to awaken to your innate power and drive you forward into deeper expansion to live the life you came for.

*First glance at The Alchemists Coven 2.0 – a book club format for a deep dive into expanded awareness and embodying the wisdom and knowledge contained in the book. Coming early 2022

This masterclass is for those absolutely committed to bringing this energy into their own lives.


Where else can you get activated for the content of a book? It’s the kind of magick I love to encode those deeply committed to their own exploration and expansion.


Opening the aspects of Portalism, the Cosmic Coding within you will be opened once more to what you remember from eons ago. The book is the reminder of what you already innately know. Now is the time to claim it all.


Secure your access to this invaluable masterclass today.

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