Your Life As Art

Your Life As Art

Is your life a timeless piece of exquisite art, a masterpiece in which you get lost every time you look at it? Do you find new mysteries to explore in its depths, mesmerising and intriguing you?

Do others exclaim about how unusual you are, holding a stance of elegance and grace that takes their breath away when you walk in the room, or share wisdom and truth, rocking them to their core?

I create my life in this way. It is the reaction I receive. All aspects of how I show up are nuanced to my tone of Truth, a sublime frequency which can only be heard by those I wish to engage with.

The fascinating Souls who are ready to listen to the deafening silence of their Inner Truth and see it stirred by a master Creatrix.

They too wish to strike their own chords, yet have never been shown the magic of the music and art within them.

They long to be the maestro of their own orchestra, an Old Master, renowned for the artistry that only they can create.

Instead, they treat their life like a print from Ikea. The same imagery seen the world over, in the same frame, hanging on the same beige wall above their 38” television. Night after night they gawk at this black box, desparately waiting to be lost in the latest plot line which helps them forget the level of boredom and shallowness of their own life.  

Most don’t dare to take out a clean canvas and ponder with excitement, “I wonder what brilliant piece of art I could create today to reflect who I am?” Just not on the radar.

Yet a few cherished hearts hear the echoes of a melodious yearning of self-expression. Like mermaids softly wailing for what might be from the deepest oceans.

They long to find their voice, their art, their own creativity – even their Genius, and unleash it on the world. What holds them back is the fear, on so many levels. Most of all, what others would think of their artwork.

They couldn’t face the humiliation of kindy kid being told their art work looked ridiculous. Can you imagine a parent saying that to their four year old? Yet they won’t start painting just in case.

What if someone provided you with a larger than life size canvas, the finest brushes, the intimate colours of your own palette, and facilitated your own creation of life?

When you have a master artist and visionary to help you define the framework, have the liberation to erase all traces of previous prints and a glistening multi-dimensional portal of energy to powerfully and potently create your world, then you too become a master artist.

Encoding you with attention to detail on your own inner drawing board and unlocking your Alchemist from the shackles of fear you have carried forward for centuries around your unlimited power. As a witch. A woman who is never afraid to cast her spells across the canvas of her power and playground of life.

I invite you into my Coven to start exploring what your own artwork of life could look like. Revealing the Truth of the shadow imprints leaving marks and scars on every page of your sketch book.

Embedding a new, crystal clear page in the midst of your doodling, and awaken the hidden imprints of own power. Start creating your life as art.

The Alchemy Initiation session uncovers your potential as a Master Artist, and whether you are truly ready to throw out all elements of cheap prints once and for all.

Push open the door, it is beckoning.

P.S. I commissioned this artwork, “Portals of the Universe”, as a statement of my life’s playground, which lies way beyond just this speck of dirt called Earth. It encodes my colours, my key numbers, Soul realms and portals. A powerful reflection of my life as art.

What piece of art are you commissioning as a reflection for your life?  A gallery masterpiece or a duplicate print found in so many homes of those that sleep?