You are about to open the door and reveal your purpose and potential.


Comprising three reports, discover the details of your Akashic record reading and your Chaldean numerology. Discover who you are at a personality, higher self and Universal Self level.


These in-depth reports give radical insight to your qualities of spirit and challenges in this lifetime and beyond. Perfect as a gift for yourself or a loved one.


Discover what is included in your Reports Package:


*Providing the answers you have been searching for and missing pieces to your life’s jigsaw can at last fall into place

*Finally having someone that understands you, so you can really begin to comprehend, appreciate and love yourself

*Start feeling a connection to a space and time beyond Earth, with an inner sense of knowing and peace this is where you once called Home

*Knowing you have untapped resources providing unconditional love and support you can call upon any time to help manifest and co-create in your life.


Soul Reports

The series of three Soul Felt Solutions reports package include:


Clarity Through Chaldean – understanding your Purpose and Potential Blueprint. This report reveals your strengths and challenges, to bring forward your best gifts & abilities, with real confidence and clarity.


Akashic Records Report – learn which Soul Families you came from. Discover their qualities of spirit and how you can integrate the Soul strengths of who you are into Who You Be today


Soul Purpose Archangels Report – find out which Archangels you chose to work with in this lifetime to enhance your Soul’s experience and live more fully in Purpose.


Your reports will be sent as pdf’s to your email address you provide. Please allow up to seven working days for these reports – they are personally created once I have read your Akashic record.


You will be asked for your full birth name, as well as any current name you hold, along with your Date of Birth. This will be requested via email once payment has been processed.


A second report for a current name will also be prepared at no additional cost. This allows you to see how your vibrational energies have transitioned from childhood to now.


Your Investment


The Soul Felt Solutions Reports can be yours for an investment in yourself of just US$195.


A small price to pay for so much insight, clarity and understanding of your life, and Who You Really Are. Start discovering and connecting to Your Universal Self.


What is the cost of NOT investing in these reports?


If you decide this information is not pertinent to you right now, consider how many more years you are prepared to continue searching for the meaning to your life.


Perhaps you already feel you know where you are going and in alignment with your Higher Purpose – fantastic! How would it be if you had unlimited resources of Divine Support from sources you were not even aware of? How could that add value in your life?


Maybe you have already had a numerology report, and are questioning why this would be different. I am sure you will resonate with the numbers in these reports way more than the computer generated reports of western numerology. Bring in the true vibration of your numbers for an authentic reflection of Who You Are.


Possibly the idea of Soul Star groups beyond Earth is too foreign to you to contemplate. I invite you to find out where you are from, and see if the characteristics resonate for you. I have yet to find someone who didn’t.


How Do I Order?


Simply click on the button below where you will be taken to the order and payment page, and clear instructions are provided on how to complete.


I look forward to revealing your unique reports – this could be a major turning point for you to immerse in Who You Really Are