Risk is eluding the world right now

Basics of Risk

Risk is eluding the world right now

Let’s get sensible for just a moment.

Look at the statistics for corona virus right now.

As at 17/3/20 Coronavirus cases 182,605.
Recovered 79,883. Active 95,660. Deaths 7,171, in 56 days.

Patients who reported no pre-existing (“comorbid”) medical conditions had a case fatality rate of 0.9%.

So if you were a male smoker (or had other medical conditions), over 60 in China, you may have something to be concerned about (like the 1935 men matching this description who have died).

Sure, closing borders, with travel restrictions and community shutdowns make good sense in a pandemic. What doesn’t is the fear and panic seeping through every crack and crevice.

Teaching our kids that a virus has more power of them than looking after their own health and immunity. What message are you sending to our future generations?

Self-responsibility and common sense is the key here.

The only reason is the world has lost the plot is that the virus does not discriminate against wealth. In fact, third world countries hardly feature on the list. Funny that.

This is the catalyst to the economic collapse we have been waiting for (for anyone that follows world cycles and trends like I do.)

91% of deaths from Corona Virus have been in the Northern Hemisphere. I’d be getting on to vitamin D if I were you (critical for your immune system, along with Vitamin A & C). I am sure the Southern hemisphere stats will increase over coming months we move towards winter, if not contained.

Covid 19 compared to deaths

In that same time period of 56 days, based on WHO statistics for 2018 globally

2.74m have died from cardiovascular disease

1.5m have died from cancer

644k from diabetes. 86k from mosquitoes. 0.42 from sharks.

Roughly 4.7m people have died worldwide since this outbreak. It is very likely that the majority who have died from Covid-19 or it is severe, already had pre-existing conditions. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back, that’s all.

In the meantime, while everyone is fanatically stocking up on provisions, roughly 822m people per year around the world are going hungry. 672m are obese.

Are you seeing the disparity yet?

What about the ‘flu? In the US alone, between 1/10/19-1/2/2020 (123 days over winter) 12-30k people have died, out of 31m people that caught it. 210-370k were hospitalised.

Globally, WHO estimates it kills 290-650k people per year.

So why is this not setting the cat among the pigeons? Oh yes, that’s right, there is a vaccine for flu and not for Covid. We couldn’t have the public know people could still get the flu and die from it right?

Out of the 56.9m who died in 2016, 54% were from the top 10 causes of death, and 9/10 were from NCD’s (non-communicable diseases).  

How many millions of lives could be saved if they took self-responsibility around diet and lifestyle?

Stress is a major factor in illness. How is your panic mode helping your cortisol levels right now?

How many more millions of lives could be saved if you put some of your disposable income for lifestyle into supporting poverty in the world?

It’s because you are ASLEEP. So little responsibility for yourself, families and those around you. Yet now the panic is on because 0.000126% of people have died from a virus that could reach your neighbourhood?

FFS people. Get a grip. Get a perspective.

Use this time out to reconsider your priorities in life and stop blaming others for outcomes. YOU are the only one responsible for YOU and your actions, so own it.

Step back into your own power. Reassess your life. Your priorities. Use this time for real human connection with your families without the panic mode. Treat it as enforced holidays and TRUST it is all for a reason.

Your health is more important than money. Look at the governments’ reactions, let’s print more. Clear your mind of angst. Reset. Make new choices for 2020. It is time to wake this world up.

Nature will always be more powerful than man. Stop to smell the roses and rethink. Your fear does NOTHING to stop a virus. Your positive outlook and regroup will work wonders for your health.

It’s what we have all been waiting for. Time to get sensible, and responsible.

All facts and figures on here come from  https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/  or https://www.who.int/

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