Kali has paved the way for Dark Disruption

Kali has paved the way for Dark Disruption

Kali has come crashing into our world, upheaving every crevice of this planet like never before. She has had enough of the linear awakening, and is smashing the structures to smithereens.

The deep divine feminine energy has come crashing through the doors of patriarchy to wake everyone from their slumber lying within. Whilst the dominance of control can feel overbearing, we have been given the time to look within and find the Truth.

Enough of the fear, the panic. Those who heard the nudge of awakening, especially over the last 18 months cannot be surprised at this unfolding. You own world has dissipated and reformed, now it is time to witness the world – looking on with fascination – at how many will use this prompt to step up in full ownership.

What would happen if the world simply adopted a calm attitude, went into lockdown and stillness which Mother Earth is craving in her heart, hence causing this ‘calamity’ and immersed in the bosom of the feminine essence of nature doing its thing?

It’s part of natural culling of the of the old and sick, whose time has come. Yes, there are exceptions, like unexpected death.

It is a wake-up call for self-responsibility and ownership, and as the Goddess you are, it is the catalyst for you to become the dark disruptor in your arena. To step up in leadership and shatter the illusions for others on the paradigms holding them paralysed in fear.

Whether this be within your immediate family, your community, your workplace. Perhaps its global – online, to a worldwide audience. It matters not the size. What does matter is your place of power and ownership through this craziness.

When you know no one and no thing has power over you, including a virus, lockdown or the economy, you simply and easily step out of the hype and take a seat on the sidelines of humanity whilst you watch on with fascination.

Allowing yourself this time to get out of the madness and be still, gives your deep feminine a chance to revive and awaken. To drop in with divine wisdom and intuition how YOU can assist this global situation.

When you fully own your deep feminine role you have played in this catalyst for global transformation, you officially welcome yourself to the stage of revolution.

Where you have been waiting for centuries to cut through the clutter of transformation, and take your power with both hands, rising it above your head for all to see the ownership of who you really are.

Kali has a front row seat, clapping merrily with her mischievous grin at just how much disruption she has caused to your world and to those around you.

The question is, will you sink back into the quagmire of angst that is suffocating the world right now, or will your rise, reclaim your power and start finally making the difference in the world you came here to play out?

You have had enough lifetimes of standing in the wings. Kali called your name from the script to take front and centre stage, and called Josephine in to be director and producer of the next phase of the life of your movie.

Are you ready to take the lead role, or do your illusions keep you paralysed in the wings, frozen with fear you are not enough to fulfill your role in being a radical agent of transformation?

If you are reading this, you know Kali left her seat and is pushing you full force into the limelight. Yes, you cannot see the audience, which sits in the darkness behind the light shining in your eyes.

The question is, how prepared are you to take the leading role in your own life and become the Legacy leader your soul signed you up to be?

I await a new cast with which to play. To direct, to ovate. To provide the stage directions, the map, the script, the annunciations, all with perfect tone and preciseness that only the Souls you are calling in to work with can hear.

You are not interested in herd management, you are here to create leaders who can saturate the masses with the same energy and message to trigger the transformation within them.

Just as I call in the Leaders of leaders to train in the domain of dark disruption,  deep power and ownership of who they are.

I was the one that hired Kali as the casting agent.


Did you get her call yet?

Josephine Sorciere is a leader of legacy leaders, ready to disrupt the paradigms of their niche. Creating 21st Century witches, Josephine morphs the change agents into exponential catalysts for radical transformation. www.josephinesorciere.com