Is it really too good to be true?

Is it really too good to be true?

If an experience you have had was too good to be true, you are limiting your expectations for life itself. Your default mind questions how it could possibly be real, simply because it is outside the scope of all previous encounters or your belief systems.

It made you feel so alive, so present and open to unlimited possibilities. And it has you running scared. Unable to cope with the magnificence of the present moment, of deep connection never before dreamt of, you retreat to your old reality, to your comfort zone of regular life.

Who are you to bear witness such liberation? It is exactly what you are here for. Few create the opportunity and fewer still embrace it with open arms, running wildly into the unknown.

Most will pause on the brink of the precipice, scared of who they would be if they simply leapt off the cliff. Insufficient belief in themselves they would learn to fly in an instant, forgetting they have innate knowing as to how to spread their wings and soar high above normality, free from their mundane existence.

“It makes no sense. It all seems too easy. I would be out of control if I allowed myself to have this experience. I would have to give something up to maintain it. It wouldn’t pay the bills. I could get hurt like last time.” These are all illusory thoughts which pull you back down the cliff.

Yet your heart knows when it experiences magic. Being in the zone liberates you from your mind, the connection to what you are creating is so real, you forgot you don’t need to think about. You just need to experience it.

Whether this be designing new artwork, self-expression through dance or music, writing poetry or simply being lost in the eyes of another, these are all moments of deep intimacy and connection to your deepest joy. Perhaps it is not you sharing the expression, you may be the one witnessing it – looking at art, enraptured by ballet, or pumping your own beat to the music of your favourite band playing live.

This is what being alive means. Creating, expressing and experiencing life as art, loving the moment so much you are willing to do whatever it takes to maintain this freedom and joy, connection and passion.

The artist that created this amazing dreamscape at AGSA I saw at the weekend would have been in their element bringing a vision to life. They would have had a concept, then went with the flow, followed their intuition, weaved this magical web into being and trusted their ability to bring something way beyond any idea to life in such a profound way, as only they could do. This art can never be fully replicated, it is sealed in their energy. You have exactly the same opportunity to create magic in any area of your life, as only you can, beyond your imagination. That is how you were designed.

Few people eventuate such dreams, believing it will take so much hard work and dedication to even have a taste. For some, the opportunity drops out of nowhere and an unexpected heart felt connection to someone or something sets you on fire like little else will.

It is then you know what you are here to experience.


So why does our mind convince us we must run in the opposite direction when it is gifted to us? It goes against all our conditioning and belief systems. You cannot conceive of life simply being easy, expansive and magical.  Nonetheless, that is exactly what it is.

Do you encourage your children to believe anything is possible, to pursue whatever dreams they have? Or do you squash them with this false notion of protecting them from being hurt when they don’t play out? Adults have lost the remembrance of the power of the divine union – that moment when we call in our heart’s longing and forget if we simply followed the essence of the connection, everything is possible.

What will it take for you to choose to change your perspective on what life is actually about? You are afraid that your comfort zone of reality may feel so far away that you don’t know if you can never go back there. Why would you want to once you have a real taste of the magic contained in deep connection? 

Your mind races. “What about those you would leave behind? What would people think? I don’t know how to maintain this magical feeling and it will hurt too much if I fail.”

It is safer for you to stay in the shallows of your life rather than dive in and explore something you are deeply attracted to. The only requirement is trust in the sensation you love.

Heart-led decisions can be hard to make by analytical and logical minds.  You cannot justify the reasons you feel this way so you abandon the potential of creating a fabulous life, finding your bliss, or being with someone who lights you up, with an array of excuses as to why not. Your saboteur feels he is justified in making the right decision, dismissing your inner magician who has bought you exactly what you desire.

Next time you are gifted with something beyond your imagination, really question if it IS too good to be true. You may just be passing up on what you crave to experience in this lifetime.

Are you here for mediocrity or magic? You get to choose, always.

Josephine Sorciere is a leader of legacy leaders, ready to disrupt the paradigms of their niche. Creating 21st Century witches, Josephine morphs the change agents into exponential catalysts for radical transformation.