I am freedom

I am freedom

I am freedom

I was set a challenge “to write where I am at right now, the intimate truth to see the power”. The words just flowed which I feel called to share….

I have claimed my liberation – just putting to bed the last of the shackles which are keeping me tied to the mundane, to be free of a space that has been part of my business for eight years. Time to move on, evolve. Explore new crevices and cracks to prize open, shining the light for those who are ready to see their brilliance awaiting them.

To go underground, or perhaps the underworld, to soak in the mystical, magical space of the Void, where I scatter new seeds in the dark. Thew will bloom when the tide turns in February/ March next year. So much awaits which my mind cannot possibly conceive, so I commit to emptying the vessel, immersing in the freedom, awaiting the possibilities beyond comprehension.

I already have a taste of the frequencies which are hurtling towards us, I touch the magic in the ethers. Next year, it is time to reign them in, tether them to the collective consciousness and weave the net of the next level of evolution for humanity to experience. It can only be done when I prostrate to the Nothing, which is everything.

As I do, new people come are coming into my life, magnetically drawn to switching their coding back on to their tone of Prodigy. It is simply a joy for me to recode, reseed, rewire these powerful Souls into Becoming Who They Are. It took me a week to create what I used to call in through a year not that long ago, and all I do is show up and play – witnessing what comes through me to morph and shape this willingly pliable mind and body in front of me.

So they too claim their authenticity, their raw power, the balance, the formless aspects of themselves. Most of my clients have tick-tocked through corporate or life situations adopting the masculine mindset and action plan, all doing and no being. Then they start to awaken, and the feminine essence wafts over them, following promises from the Light Grid of this glorious ascension into the 5D. Switching into Being, focusing on service, desperately trying to prove to themselves they are worthy of value and love. I remember that path so well.

I adore striking the precise tone so those who have been waiting to hear the call come running. The Souls who know there is a depth of power and raw expression lurking, which terrifies them to consider putting on display. They are hungry to break through to the freedom of not giving a flying f#ck of what anyone thinks of them, they just do them, as I do me. Once they grasp there are two sides to everything, up, down, left, right, they can stop chasing the light like a moth to a flame, and sink deep beneath the waves of normality into the abyss of the darkness. Such freedom.

I lap up the dark unknown like a nocturnal creature exploring the vast forest in front, except I have no fear of what is lurking; I trust my inner sight and knowing, I follow the synchronicities and calling, I listen. Carefully. We must learn not to override our innate instinct of what must be said and done from a place of truth, most often from the looming To-Do list of things our minds deem important. Nothing is the most important thing, it is everything.

For it is here we tangibly experience the frequencies of energies pulsating through our field, clearing, cleansing, wiping away the debris of lifetimes of false hopes and contracts. Liberating from the programming held at mind, body and spirit, simply from the space of awareness, openness and being tuned into the Quantum power which eliminates the need for time. On the new grid, we do not need “time to heal” as we have been taught for so many years, the peeling back of the onion layer, too afraid the rejection of our own illusory stories would be too much to bear – who would we be without the backstory?

FREE. That’s what. I cannot begin to describe the utter liberation I feel in my mind and being, despite living in a world where I am not free to go everywhere or travel, due to my own choices. And I own that, fully, with responsibility and understanding of consequences. Yet my Sovereign Mystic has no doubt and I will follow my heart and wisdom to my dying breath of what is right for me without any influence of another’s control.

I feel I have returned to my True Nature. I am who I came here to be, have delivered to this planet what I set out to do. Yet, there is so much more to be uncovered, embraced, embodied and claimed. I commit to doing so every step of the way, and it is my profound privilege and joy to facilitate others do the same.

Josephine Sorciere is the sophisticated ringmaster of the new breed of changemakers. Elegantly witchy, and insatiably insightful, she is the Alchemist who births the next generation of Legacy Leaders.

An inspiring author, wisdom teacher, coach and encoder for many lifetimes. More of her work can be discovered at www.josephinesorciere.com. Her philosophies, knowledge and story can be explored in depth within 2020: The Alchemists Awakening Volume One and Two out now