Hold the Space without Empathy

freedom from empathy

Hold the Space without Empathy

There is something deeply empowering about holding the space for another to realise their own Truth.

Not coming from the place of being an expert. Rather, igniting the authority within another to see and be their true selves.

This means forgoing the latest trends in teachings, and being ok with FOMO. Completely obliterating what others think of you for “not getting it”, most of all, being at perfect ease with not getting it within yourself. For it may not yet be time.

For when something simply does not resonate at the core of your being, no amount of learning or alchemy will deny your truth.

The world still needs deeply compassionate people who can stay totally detached from the evolvement of another human. That means giving up your attachment and need to being empathic. A self serving mechanism to have another’s shadow reflected back at you, so you can say you “understand”.

This realisation finally frees you from being wanted and needed. When you strike an energetic tone that others feel, and know it is safe for their own transformation, THAT is when the magic happens, for you and them.

They take complete ownership of their morphing consciousness without being told what to do. You merely provide the tools and container in which they know, feel and need to safely cross to the other side of tribal conditioning.

This new process is necessary for the evolvement of consciousness, where we can finally give up this desperation to be in service to be wanted, needed and liked.

Instead, you hold the stance of the sovereign who is unattached to another’s evolvement, so they experience the total liberation of choosing and committing to their own self realisation.

You are not responsible for this, you merely hold the space which you are designed to do from the never ending well of love in your heart, and strongest desire to see humanity chose a different path in life.

The ultimate service to this planet and your Soul.