Accountability is key for philanthropists

Accountability is key for philanthropists

Elon Musk recently commented he would happily chip in $6bn to help end world famine if “WFP provided open-source accounting so the public sees precisely how the money is spent”.

The snarky reporter focused on his reluctance share the equivalent amount of one day’s net worth increase as he had experienced last week. They completely avoided the point last was making was that of a lack of accountability, transparency and efficiencies by the charities. Other billionaires have also shared this sentiment; Larry Fink has made it clear “he would have more to give if it could be directed in a proper way” and Ray Dalio similarly commented he would pay more tax if it accomplished “greater productivity”.

How differently would our society look if full exposure was required for the expenditure of taxpayers money or donations, holding the purse holders fully responsible for their results?

Humanity is sorely lacking ownership of outcomes, whether that be at a personal, corporate, governmental or global level.

The social spectrum has widened

The pandemic has been useful to highlight social and global inequality, sending 97m people into poverty and creating 500 new billionaires, now numbering 2,365. No one really knows where the wealthy choose to focus their philanthropic ventures. Most are people of business, ROI is important to them and that includes outcomes for any area – if there is no transparent reporting as required within their own businesses, why would they go against their basic principles of private enterprise – the opposite remit of governments? I can see where they are coming from.

How supercharged, efficient and results driven would independent companies be if they had the likes of Musk at the helm to solve such vast world problems rather than governments and existing charities running the show? What difference would it make if full transparency was required and led by people who really understood how to use money wisely? People are ready to embrace new technologies, energy and solutions, often held back by bureaucracy. To have individuals and companies who specialise and understand what is actually required to solve the problems and not just play lip service by the governments to move forward. Accountability is key for philanthropists.

New Governance – does it focus on the real issues?

Take a look at ESG – Environmental, Social and corporate Governance where $40trn has been invested. In the US alone, it is predicted to grow to $50trn by 2025.. Some say it is the largest cover up for greenwashing – the dissemination of misleading information that conceals abuse of the environment in order to preserve positive public image; little feeds back to the actual accountability for changing the environmental issues. For example, very little is being done to address the issue of regeneration of soil, yet it is fundamental for our future.

To gain the status of organic farming, farmers must pay a hefty price to make the 30 criteria required, but at no point is the soil quality considered. This often makes for a poorer quality earth than the mainstream agricultural land next door. The people that really understand what is required to make the difference for such environmental issues are nowhere to be seen on the list of management for such projects. So it goes under the radar for reaching the fundamental issues behind leading world problems.

Old paradigms of governance must break down

Some of the smartest – and richest –  people can see right through the bureaucracy at the core of the problem yet are prohibited from becoming involved due to government regulation. Until the truth is exposed about regulations, mostly driven by money at some level, major issues will continue to escalate at a rapid rate. Whilst many like to point a finger at the wealthiest for not contributing, perhaps they have good reason not to. These men are very astute, smart investors that will not back projects where management are not addressing the root causes of the issues and investing in what would resolve the problems.

Humanity is experiencing exponential change; old structures of governance do not have the flexibility or foresight to develop at the rate which is required to meet the new ways of existing. We are on the brink of economic financial collapse and new currencies are appearing to run in parallel before potentially taking over the old system of printed money.

Placing value in things with integrity

As the brilliant Zack Bush has said,  the new currencies which will really revolutionise the world are those that tie together biodiversity and a new civilization who places value on things of integrity – what brings public pleasure. These are often intangible assets which current day society has an issue putting a value on. What if the majority held the value of clean air, beauty, freedom, awareness and out of slave-self conditioning as the priority for life itself?

Far flung ideas for many, yet as Musk said, he is heading to Mars to “preserve the light of consciousness”. What if the wealthiest man on the planet was the most clued up as to the fundamental priority for humanity? something that cannot be measured with money, cannot be controlled by government, cannot be legislated by regulation, cannot be banked and has no scarcity.

Consciousness is the new currency and solution

Consciousness IS the currency of the future and is the energetic solution for life itself. When you strip everything else away, consciousness remains through all time. So is it really that farfetched to invest in something which is eternal, evolutionary and at the core of our very existence?

The wealthiest have further vision and insight than those stuck in a regime of governance, new paradigms of co-creation. Old structures no longer serve the new world, they cannot begin to perceive the quantum shifts which are possible by simply being responsible and accountable – each and every one of us – for life itself, within us and around us.


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Josephine Sorciere is the author of 2020: The Alchemists Awakening, opening your mind to what is really going on in the world and how it relates to the evolution of consciousness itself. Weaving between present day issues, ancient past wisdom and future vision, timelines merge to ignite the codes of remembrance as to why we are really here. The Dogma of Religion has been replaced with that of Science & Governance – it is time to reveal the truth of it all, strip out the illusions and live from a space of authenticity, freedom and self-empowerment.  

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