10 markers that you are ready for next level brilliance

10 markers that you are ready for next level brilliance

When we reach a pinnacle or crossroads in our career or business, we are conditioned to look for the next job or opportunity. What is it that we can DO next?

You may be one of the few who reframe this into, “Who do I wish to BE-come?”

Yet are challenged by knowing something is missing – something you cannot name. It haunts you, no matter how much seeking you do to find it.

In this first of two-part series, Let’s consider 10 indicators that show whether you are truly ready for next-level brilliance.

1. You have always been driven and determined for more success, achievements, and acquirements, yet you know none of those bring the deep level of satisfaction you crave. It can feel like a never-ending treadmill of anti-climaxes, even though you know you have done great work.  You feel the call of the next chapter of your life, though it must divert from being overworked and somehow provide the feeling of what has been missing.

2. You have created a trail of excellence along your journey, which often meant ripping something apart before rebuilding a solid foundation or starting from scratch. Your vision for what is possible when matched with your singular focus of determination has produced some amazing outcomes, the intangibles bringing you the deepest pleasure. You crave more of that inner contentment.

3. You have received flashes of brilliant inspiration and ideas when least expecting them since you were a kid. When you grasp them and take action, you have collated the opportunities and resources without struggling to bring these thoughts to life. You see so many possibilities for the future of humanity, you wish more people could bring them into being. You know the solutions are there.

4. When you have ignored a possibility, usually because you have too much on your plate, you are delighted to see when someone else had the same thought and created something magical. Especially when it was you that planted the seed. Innovation turns you on.

5. You have an air about you that no one can quite identify. heads turn when you walk in the room, they can feel your presence. Although you may not be too aware of this, you run an enigmatic frequency not often felt. That’s not to say everyone appreciates it, some feel quite threatened and uneasy. You own who you are and make no apologies for showing up. You just wish you knew where it came from

6. You have always had a thirst for knowledge, a quest for understanding what life is about. You would much prefer to have a deep conversation than discuss the trivialities of a shallow life. You think beyond the norm, are insatiably curious, and are a learner for life. You light up by concepts, sent to sleep by complaint.

7. You are willing to question and challenge normal acceptability defined by society, culture, and business. Pushing the boundaries of the small minds defined by limitation, you think and operate outside the box. Innovative solutions have given many a new experience. You know better than to fight the establishment, you are off creating your own mountain.

8. You are a natural multitasker, with fingers in many pies. You have built a good team around you, though you are happiest when following your own exploration and train of thought. Networking serves its purpose though can be challenging to make idle chit-chat dealing with other people’s egos.

9. When you’re in the flow of creation, in the zone, time and energy seem to come from nowhere. Opportunities and resources just drop in, the timing works, and you trust the process. There’s even a sense of magic about what you create sometimes, people comment on it, and ask you how you do it. Something you cannot really explain, it just does.

10. You have worked on your intellectual and emotional intelligence quotients throughout the years. But there’s another type of knowledge few know how to access, you do though. It’s your innate intelligence, that inner knowing, again something you can’t really describe. A resource you wish you knew how to explore more of, for it is this energy that is the key to your next level of brilliance. The mind is not the place it is stored.

If you resonated with eight or more of the markers, you are ready for the next level of brilliance. Of course, there are plenty more, this is just for starters, the common theme of a rare breed. if you still feel something stirring inside in recognition of your mode of operation, then it’s time to turn the page into your own mystery.

In part two, you will discover the biggest challenges you face in moving forward. There is a solution, one that has never crossed your mind…..

Until then.

Josephine Sorciere opens the door for extraordinary people to lay claim to their source of brilliance. Unraveling the mystery of your own mind remains elusive, it is time to crack the encryption of your enigma. For those ready to explore, you are invited to a complimentary 5-day online retreat to discover more about yourself on the pathway you already to take.

Part Two of this series can be found here.