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Is it really too good to be true?

If an experience you have had was too good to be true, you are limiting your expectations for life itself. Your default mind questions how it could possibly be real, simply because it is outside the scope of all previous encounters or your belief systems. It...

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Kali has paved the way for Dark Disruption

Kali has come crashing into our world, upheaving every crevice of this planet like never before. She has had enough of the linear awakening, and is smashing the structures to smithereens. The deep divine feminine energy has come crashing through the doors of patriarchy to wake...

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The Unworthiness of Transformation

If your standards and integrity are not in place, you will remain stuck in the unworthiness of transformation. You say you are bored and unhappy in your current situation. Yet the shackles of your comfort zone keep you tied, preventing you from stepping out of the box which would require commitment,...

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The Unlived life of a parent

“You so desperately wanted children from an early age to wipe away the pain caused by abandonment from your own father. He left a gaping hole in your heart since you were two, brought forward from many lifetimes of the same soul wound, the repeat...

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Your Life As Art

Is your life a timeless piece of exquisite art, a masterpiece in which you get lost every time you look at it? Do you find new mysteries to explore in its depths, mesmerising and intriguing you? Do others exclaim about how unusual you are, holding a...

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freedom from empathy

Hold the Space without Empathy

There is something deeply empowering about holding the space for another to realise their own Truth. Not coming from the place of being an expert. Rather, igniting the authority within another to see and be their true selves....

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