Turning my back on Facebook

Turning my back on Facebook

Facebook and I are breaking up.

I’m turning my back on the Metaverse.

Planting my feet firmly in the heart of the Universe, the limitless playground of co-creation where I get to decide my reality.

I’m not interested in algorithms determining who gets to see what content. I do not subscribe to anyone telling me what I can and cannot say.

I’m generally bored with the regurgitations people share in the hope that someone crosses the line to “know, like and trust them”. You can spot the difference a mile off when people are simply sharing their self-expression from a profound depth of heart, versus those who are spewing out content for the sake of consistency and a calendar. hoping one day something sticks.

Been there, done that for seven years – relying on Facebook heavily back in the early days when I still felt drawn to be part of a community. Since the birth of Josephine, I’ve been more sporadic. I’m completely over it.

People who friend me tend to be in the same circles of interest, so it just becomes a noisy place like a common market, vying for attention, playing by Meta’s rules of who can see what. Artificial intelligence has its place, yet without evolving an inner connection to a greater intelligence through individuality, humanity will come to a grinding halt as the motherboard fries itself with imbalance. Self-annihilation will happen unless true nature is ignited once again.

Tired of voyeurs in my group, who say they are hungry for transformation, who can’t be bothered to show up, immerse, embrace what is on offer – it would require them to take ownership for who they are and that terrifies most. A welcome relief to sign off from 540 members yesterday.

My business has exploded this year and has had little to do with regular appearances on social media. It has come from my presence at the most opportune moments, through word of mouth or profound connection to my books, 2020: The Alchemists’ Awakening.

Right now I’m called to move deeper into the dark, closing my bookings until February. I know I will emerge with even more potent offerings, which came through at 1:00 AM this morning, less than 24 hours since Solstice, the time of stillness. For the world will change beyond all recognition next year, we have merely been playing in the sandpit up until now.

This is the arrival of Truth – frequencies are emerging which will fry the extremes of minds. Those trapped in their smallness, subservient to the system, and those running on greed, control and ego. Thinking that man-made technology will be some kind of match for the advanced intelligence waiting in the wings. There is no one coming to save us, merely a larger prompt to remember our innate power, responsibility and freedom of choice which comes from connecting to the energy much larger than your small self.

I require to recharge, retreat into my coven, to reset the calibration and tone for who I’m calling in next year. Those ready to completely die to their human construct and reclaim once again their cosmic frequencies through which their genius will appear. Ready to master Portalism, embodying their multi universal self, their true nature.

These people are not scrolling mindlessly through Facebook waiting for me to appear. They are led to me, the hearts resonating and hungry for their homecoming. To embody aliveness through every cell of their being once more, to bring forth evolution in humanity, which always begins with oneself.

As I step back through my portal, forever etched upon my back, I bid farewell to the white noise. I may drop in here and there with an offering of my wisdom, or to peek through the portals of the cosmic artisans that speak to my heart.

We are here to express our own truth by embodying and living it, not simply watching what other people write about it.


Josephine Sorciere

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