The Unlived life of a parent

The Unlived life of a parent

“You so desperately wanted children from an early age to wipe away the pain caused by abandonment from your own father. He left a gaping hole in your heart since you were two, brought forward from many lifetimes of the same soul wound, the repeat pattern embedded in your programming you know so well.

You really thought the child would open you up to unconditional love, and fill you up in a way that would take away the loneliness and confusion of this life. Except never quite hit the mark, and so you wanted more.

The journey was made harder by several miscarriages along the way. Each time, you felt your chance for the true happiness drain out of the very core of you, and all your husband could say was “thank F^&* for that”  with zero regard for how you were feeling. The ultimate disconnection.

It was enough to trigger the feelings of why even bother at being here in life, and yet you knew you had made promises to wipe away the wounds, scars and memories that are forever etched on the inside of your heart. You made that promise to your children the day they were born.

Three kids later, who are the joy of your life, yet you still know it is not enough. You were sold a false illusion that another human being could fulfil you. Midlife is around the corner, and the idea of another 50 years with your shallow, controlling husband & his family sinks you into an even deeper depression you are utterly silent about.

However there is a faint glimmer of hope that keeps nudging in your belly. Questions from your family as to why you’re not doing more of what you love, your creative space of baking. The 10-year-old points out and happy you are when you’re in your zone, and yet you continue to be victim to your husband dominance and telling you what you can cannot do.

When is the blaming going to stop, and when are you going to start taking responsibility and be the sovereign of your own life? When you get to choose what you do and when, the depth of your own creativity, so you learn to fill yourself to the brim with self-love, that you no longer need another human being, not even a child, to give you what you most deeply desire.

The reason you haven’t is your own power, potential and abilities you had as a child was switched off in order to be liked and wanted. You don’t feel safe to unleash them again.

It is the biggest crime you will go to your deathbed with if you do not show your children what it means to really live. Which is why you wanted children in the first place.

 Can you see the chicken and egg scenario you are in? Until you unlock the codes of your own innate magic that has laid dormant for centuries, you will never be the role model you dreamt of, that so badly craved for as a child.

It is why you had so many miscarriages. Those souls were not ready to take the chance on a mother that may never get on board with the true responsibilities of awakening. They wanted to know with surety that you would be the role model to help them become the legacy leaders for future generations.

It’s still not too late for you to wake up to the fact it is now or never. Have your children bear witness to the power of transformation that occurs when you stop giving your power away to others and to your circumstances. Your little ones are waiting, you see it in their eyes, hear it in their comments.

Can you imagine what that would do to their confidence to lead a fully creative life they truly desire on their own terms? To make decisions about their future based on what they want to experience, and not what their father tells them to do?

THAT is your Soul duty as a mother. To stop being subservient to others projections of who you are, and start owning your truth. To start smashing the mirrors of illusion you have created yourself across lifetimes. Fuelled by the anger deep within your core, holding the energy of feminine repression against the patriarchal system that has you trapped in the shackles of society.

It can only ever be your choice to break free, to finally step up into what you’re here to do. Stop giving away your value for the sake of security and approval. Do whatever it takes, whatever it costs in time, money and circumstances to liberate yourself to the ultimate freedom of owning the depth of your own power and truth.

When you get the point that nothing else matters, except finding your sanity which is never contained within the parameters of human conditioning, you will stop at nothing to forge the path and be the ultimate role model your children you never had.

It is time. In fact, it’s quantum time, when you discover how to collapse lifetimes of wounds and transmuting them into potent energy to fuel the core revelations you do not yet know are even possible.

For that is what I do. I see you. I see the truth. There is no hiding behind your masks with me.

I collapse time and space across dimensions and realities. I weave the energetic web of consciousness to remove centuries of conditioning, and am the catalyst the radical alchemy in your heart, Soul and DNA. I encode women for their ultimate desire.

In your case, that’s liberation, fulfilment, an overflow of joy and love. To stand in your own power, and to own who you truly are and the depths of your abilities. That’s all you ever wanted, all you have ever desired. It is only you that’s in your own way of having it.

Enter the coven, and surrender. No matter what it takes.