The reason you’re not pregnant

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The reason you’re not pregnant

The reason you’re not pregnant yet is that you haven’t admitted you’re a witch.

You’re considering putting your hopes and dreams in the hands of the medical profession, and it’s making you sick, desperate and close to nervous exhaustion.

You struggle to cover the shame you feel towards your body, taking it personally you can’t get and stay pregnant. Wearing the best mask you can to hide your heart that’s ripping in two.

The idea you will never hold your own baby has you welling up with tears. You feel your guts aching for a child to fill the void and emptiness within, the depth of which you cannot begin to describe to your partner.

So much soul-searching and questioning. “Why will the Universe not bring me the one thing I truly desire?”

I’ll tell you why.

The spirit of your child has no interest in being conceived by a mother who is not on board with her job as a witch, and being a disruptor to human conditioning.

For your daughter’s soul purpose is to create radical change on this planet, and be a leader into a new future. It’s her calling, with the support and wisdom of her Mother to show her the way.

Have you ever felt a whisper of presence in your ear? She often hovers nearby, longing for you to recognise she is within your reach. Waiting for you.

It’s not yet dawned on you to join in the dots between you dabbling in spirituality (where you did feel a stirring of awakening) and your inability to get and stay pregnant.

Your body is no longer colluding in your inauthenticity.

The gates are shut and locked. The conception codes are switched off. The place of the most anxiety and desire in your conscious mind and body are closed for business.

Embody your own innate gifts and free yourself from the shackles of humanity. Be the example to your daughter so she can fulfil her deepest wishes as a Legacy Leader for a new world.

Then spirit will be ready to tap you on the shoulder, and reprogram the codes to open your fertile body once again.

When the Soul of your child sees you come out of the closet and declare your own authenticity, that’s when they will board the vessel of your body and take the nine month ride to meet you.

For your own power scares you and you slink back to your comfort zone, every time. Show her you take a stand for what you truly desire, and commit, no matter what.

Just as you have tuned in to the frequency of my tone, and followed your intuition to find me, she will follow too, in her Mama’s footsteps.

I invite you to my world, where you transcend the limitations of your contemporary cages and stigma around not having a baby.

I break down the illusions you have shackled yourself with, and freedom means miracles, and babies, waiting to be called forward into your arms. It’s time to do things differently.


Josephine Sorciere plays in the quantum fields of transformation, transcending the portals of time to reopen the Conception Codes for those few Souls ready to reclaim their Soul Contracts of Old. To Birth Dark Awakening. To find out more, Enter the Coven