Welcome to the threshold of The Gateway.

Once your personal details and payment option is complete, allow 2 business days for me to send reports and add you to the Facebook group.



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Your investment to unlock The Gateway (AUD$):


Monthly membership  $385 inc GST

Quarterly membership $997 inc GST  (save $158)

Annual membership $3997 inc GST (save $623, plus session bonus)


Direct bank transfer to my AU bank account for quarterly & annual memberships. Credit card payments can be arranged (+3% fees)

For me to add you to the group. leave blank if you wish to join and not use Facebook.
where you currently reside
if not known, please state that
The Gateway calendar runs from around 22nd of each month in line with the zodiac.

Payments made after the 15th of each month will be added to the following transition cycle, for as many months as has been paid for. Payments made prior to the 15th will be added to the current month.

The billing is set up automatically to be taken every month or three months. It is up to you to cancel your subscription if you chose not to continue. At which point, you will be removed from the Facebook Group. You retain access to all recordings that were available in the month of current membership.

There are no refunds at any point unless The Gateway does not continue. You may contact Josephine directly if you have any questions about your membership.