The Authentic Author creates Authority

The Authentic Author creates Authority

When you fully grasp that you are the author of your life, you immediately stamp authority and ownership into this world. Writing your script, your way, whether anyone else wants to read it or not.

Authenticity comes from fully showing up as who you really are, with all your brilliance and foibles. Your deepest self-expression of individualism. Putting your personal evolvement on show for all as you morph through the ages and stages of the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, You. So few have found the freedom to do this, still desparately attached to what others may think.

Discard your identities as you merge into the next version of yourself, like a snake shedding its skin.

Life is a continuous process of death to that which no longer serves us and birth into the new experience. For those who clutch to their outdated self-definition created through conditioning as a child and young adult will be left far behind as stoic relics of a stagnant world. We are transitioning at supersonic speed into a new era for humanity, returning to our true nature. It is time to come full cycle, literally.   

It has never been clearer who wishes to stay behind to control and be controlled in the structures and dominance of old society. Those already embracing the new construct of life itself have risen up in volumes, claiming their own power back with no hesitation at voicing their self-expression.

The freedom which comes from ending subservience to others, labels and identities is immense. Rip off the masks of illusions and unshackle your mind from the prison of the small i. Stop the repetition of affirmations trying to convince yourself you are something your fear-based mind does not accept.

It is about BEING your power, your own authority, having that essence of energy running through every cell of your body, radiating from your core.

Your silent stance of presence says more about you than any words ever could.

No amount of photoshopping or journaling can fix your lack of trust in your own authenticity. The only reason you are unsure of it is because it looks so different to everyone else’s. Guess what, you are not them. We are not all one and the same.

People obsessed with political correctness and fairness expand the victim mentality of those who feel they do not fit in. What is so wrong with being different? The marginal voices are terrified of owning who they really are for the sake of concern of not belonging to the tribe.

Rather than owing their beautiful authenticity and vulnerability, society is expected to adjust so they don’t feel left out. These are the first steps to a faceless, communist society, awash with fairness and justification for whom the Tall Poppies amongst us have no place in the field of blandness.

How would the face of humanity change if the Authentic Self was made a priority? A society where the curious, innovative minds sculpted our existence? It is already happening, right under the noses of governments and corporations. Collaborative collectives in their millions who are not fighting the current system, instead, creating their own mountain of alternatives to the decaying rot of current structures.

These are the domains of the futurists and the visionaries.

We recognise how authentic and passionate contribution makes for exponential collaborative outcomes. This is the path to fast-track evolvement of humankind.

It all starts with your own choice on showing up.  The authentic author creates authority; when you live by your own standards and no one else’s, there can be no right or wrong. When you stand in full ownership and responsibility, the world is your oyster in which to create the masterpiece that is your life.  

The time has come to be the author, the artist, the curious learner, the creator – as only you can, with your perspective, wisdom and abilities. Come home to your true authentic self. Not all are here to read your “book of life” yet many are waiting for you, and no one else. Show up and inspire them to write their own story, taking back the power of choice for life and authenticity. Own it.

Josephine Sorciere is the sophisticated ringmaster of the new breed of changemakers. Elegantly witchy, and insatiably insightful, she is the Alchemist who births the next generation of Legacy Leaders.

An inspiring author, wisdom teacher, coach and encoder for many lifetimes. More of her work can be discovered at Her philosophies, knowledge and story can be explored in depth within 2020: The Alchemists Awakening Volume One out now