The 21st century Coven beckons

The 21st century Coven beckons

The 21st Century Coven beckons you, as the cauldron warms the shackles of your life, ready to melt your own imprisonment.

You long to be liberated from lifetimes of conditioning. To ignite once again powerful and potent abilities used over many incarnations to radically change the world you live in, and the lives of those around you.

As an elegant alchemist, you know the solutions to the world’s greatest problems, and your own personal grievances not be found in the recesses of your mind or the egos of this world.

You’re ready to once again connect in to the cosmic energy grid, and work and the unseen dimensions of this universe.

You have little interest in herbs, tree hugging, and laborious rituals, let alone purple crushed velvet. The Oh-so-dated stereotypical witch. Forget the new age spirituality, all love and light and the sickening glow they seem to think they have, they hold hands, singing Kumbaya in their Birkenstocks. You understand the basics of law of attraction, it seems the more effort you put in, the less it works.

No, you would rather create your spells simply by a thought, as you decree silently to yourself your deepest desire, whilst sipping French champagne with The One, or toasting the latest acquisition with your colleagues in the boardroom.

For you know it was you who cast the magic in the first place as you saw and held your vision so crystal clearly. Smiling to yourself as those around you wonder how on earth you managed to pull it off. For you are indeed a modern day witch.

But for now, this is no more than a daydream in your mind. Or is it? Could that be the reality, and how you are living is the illusion? What if the mirror was shattered, to reveal the deepest wounds glistening with rawness, finally exposed to the truth, the only thing that can actually heal them?

Once those thorns of humanity are removed from your remit, the alchemist within you can be free to unleash the power of spell-casting your Soul knows and loves so well.

These concepts terrify you, yet fascinate you. Curiosity prompts you to push open the door of the coven, peering inside at the possibilities. You are fascinated what it would feel like to stir the cauldron yourself, for you know it would ignite a familiarity in the pit of your belly.

Hear the calling for your own Alchemy Initiation session with me, Josephine Sorciere. Enter the coven, where I expose the truth of who you really are, those aspects you have been denying, rejecting and suppressing, to unearth the reasons why your deepest desires remain so elusive.

I light the flame under your own camp fire, and physically burn up the energetic layering holding you bound and gagged to the illusions of your life. I encode the vacant spaces left behind as a catalyst for birthing dark awakening.

The desire for more will saturate your cells. A taste of what is to come.

Your cauldron awaits