Josephines’ wisdom and insight are fully translatable to the boardroom, bringing a deeper level of inspiration and activation to participants through her speaking events to a larger audience.


As a catalyst for awareness and authenticity, Josephine quickly switches on many lightbulbs of the mind, as individuals turn their attention to the importance of the Bigger Picture.


Tailored talks specific to the industry and audience guarantee to trigger with truth for the biggest breakthroughs. It is time to start questioning what is really important in life beyond the illusions of modern-day existence and visioning a new future as legacy leaders.


Daring to take your audience over the line beyond conformity into the emerging future, rich with possibility for those ready to stand up and claim it.


The gateway opens through online speaking events. Immersion into Josephine’s world through 3-month bespoke group programs, developing into collaboration through synergistic programs. It always starts at the individual level before radical transformation starts percolating throughout the business.


To explore speaking and consultancy with Josephine, please contact us to arrange a time to discuss your specific requirements.