Russell Brand is a Media Threat

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Russell Brand is a Media Threat

Mainstream media is not a judge and jury. They are profit-driven outlets that tell stories that sell, whether factual and truthful or not. Deeply threatened by the Independent Media companies and voices experiencing exponential growth and followers. MSM will do what it takes to silence them.

No more Free Speech.

Russell Brand is a media threat and is being hung, drawn and quartered by two major media outlets in the UK, simply because he poses such a threat to the narrative with his independent, fact-checked broadcasts. He has been my daily go-to over the past four years providing the evidence of the corruption running this world. He has shed light on the biggest organisations, governments, military complexes and individuals which weave together the power-hungry controllers of this world. Of humanity.

Many people have questioned the validity of what has been reported over the past few years, trust is at an all-time low. So why are so many believing outright the revelations about “predators”?  Where women have dragged up the past, simply because the people in question are famous?

The party life of the last century

I lived and worked in London in the 90s, whilst I was in my 20s. It was a work-hard, play-hard environment, especially during my time at the BBC. Smoking and alcohol were part of many people’s daily lives at that age, even whilst at work. I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks back on some of the things I got up to with a sense of guilt, shame and embarrassment.

Yet everything I experienced was part of my journey, I played my role in each of those situations. Including when I was raped, more than once, even if it was through my naivety and innocence, where I was taken advantage of in different scenarios.

Are we judging the behaviour of the past based on today’s standards? If the power really is living in the present moment, why are people obsessed with dragging it up? Simply to alleviate their guilt, to feel righteous in bringing people to justice? To make men wrong for their behaviour that was a standard issue back in the day? Who you are NOW.  That’s the thing that can change, not the past version of you.

The girls and women turned up in that environment too, ready to party hard, loving the attention from the men, especially when they were starstruck. Who’s calling them accountable for their behaviour? It’s all a massive blame game.

Past (legal) behaviour is insufficient reason

Yes, Russell Brand WAS a self-proclaimed d!ckhead back then. Yet he swears all his shenanigans were with women over the age of consent. The police and the courts can determine that, that’s their job. Not the role of the media.

I pray this exposure exercise completely backfires for MSM. Already, hundreds, if not thousands,  of new people have joined Russell’s community on Locals, are boycotting YouTube (who demonetized his stream based on a directive from the British government) and have moved to Rumble, which fully supports free speech. But hold the press – Rumble may be forced out of the UK under new online safety laws from Ofcom (The Times 25/9/23). This is surveillance and censorship at a whole new level.

I pray it brings more attention to the brilliant work he does to expose the lies we have been told, the coercion we have lived under, and the biggest shift of wealth in humanity’s history, to name but a few. If there’s any part of you that doubts what is reported in the mainstream then I highly encourage you to watch 2-3 random videos on Rumble to see how he presents and dissects and fact-checks the truth of what’s going on. In fact, excuse the pun, here’s a video that’s less than 2 minutes where he talks on MSM about recent issues – 
Do you feel what he shares is all conspiracy? Really?

Question what you are told

Have enough gumption to question what you’re being told. About this case in hand, about the world agenda, about what you’re told is good and bad for you. Stop denying what’s really happening and buying into the stories you’re sold. Do your research. Question everything.

Where is your sovereignty? Your self-responsibility? The ability to discern truth from illusion? Those who are quite happy in their comfort zone of fear, who the governments and media willingly feed off, who love being sheep, I wish you the best of luck in this changing world. There comes a point where you have to choose.

There’s no coincidence you are here at this pivotal time, at the turning point for the evolution of humanity. You came here to play your role. Now you can do that with your eyes shut and head in the sand, or get out of your slumber and wake up.

I’m done with sitting quietly on the sidelines. Doing my best not to get involved in politics. I truly hope this stirs far more awareness of Russell’s brilliant work, along with many others on independent media platforms, who will not buy into the narrative. There is no excuse to stay in your place of ignorance. The power is with the people and we are rife for another revolution.

The Revolution is NOW

 It’s happening now. Nothing to do with your behaviour of 15 years ago. Go seek the truth.

 Take a leaf out of Brand’s book and live with humility, ownership, transparency, humour, self-compassion, divinity and intelligence.  His turnaround is incredibly inspiring, if only people would take the time to see the power of what he’s delivering. He gives people hope for radical change, in themselves and our world. Most are trying to ignore the reminders of their own former life, or denying they ever behaved in such a manner.  

Do not call anyone a “conspiracy theorist” until you’ve seen their irrefutable proof. Until you’re willing to look at both sides of the story, you sit in judgment, fear, opinion and righteousness, believing what you’re told to. Anchored in the past, terrified of change. Keep an open mind and open heart, that’s all it takes.

Wake up people, and question anything the mainstream or governments are insisting on. Make your own decisions, in line with your truth. Witness how they’re trying to destroy him because Russell Brand is a media threat.

His excellent first video back from respite on 26/6/23 sums up media control beautifully: Click here to watch 

May truth and justice prevail. As RB says, above all, stay free.

Josephine Sorciere is passionate about empowering true leadership voices, encoding extraordinary people into their next level of brilliance. Russell Brand is a prime example of a transformed human, here to inspire others to do the same. It does not have to take fame and fortune, find out more at