The time has come to unearth your deepest, darkest fears holding you to ransom. You have the power, ability and potential to radically transform your life. yet you are terrified of who you would be without your stories.


Once you know how to alchemise the paradigms keeping you trapped, you are liberated to fully show up in the world, in command of YOUR Kingdom.


Your true authentic self who longs to break free from the prison of your own mind and myths keeping you trapped for decades. For many lifetimes.


Rip apart the human constructs and patterning keeping you in vicious cycles of addiction, self-doubt and anger. The secrets you try to hide, until they come crashing down on those you are closest to, when you lose control.


Your deepest and most profound abilities are found beyond your small mind, in the hidden treasure troves of power and potential within your Soul.


First you must reconnect to yourself. Who you lost as a small boy, and have been wandering aimlessly ever since, pretending to the world you have the map, and know where you are going.


The truth is your cycles have you in circles. You cannot see a way out. Mainstream medicine and psyche assistance is simply not shifting what is required.


That’s because the real issue you have can NEVER be solved through medication or analysis. For your innate power is so much larger than your mind and body, yet you restrict the answers to the limitations of human constructs and science.


Simply because it scares you just how powerful you could be. You have already created amazing events and circumstances in your life. What if you shifted from terrified fear of your abilities into the fuel for a radically transformative life – for you and your loved ones?


Step up and be the leader you are. However, that requires full ownership, transparency and commitment to Do The Work FIRST, before expecting others to follow.


Don’t you think your wife and kids long for you to be truly happy and in control of your destiny? What about your staff or clients?


Perhaps you are calling in the partner of your dreams, yet you dread having to tell them, show them, your darkest secrets which keep you locked up like the terrified coward you feel you are.



When you are ready to open the crevices of your mind, you are invited to receive The King’s Initiation with Josephine.


This requires you to complete a questionnaire first, which exposes your deepest secrets, ones which you may not have considered before.



In your 90 minutes with Josephine, you will experience

*  The raw truth on lifelong patterns of operation keeping you trapped in the shallows, on the eternal quest for  the solutions you desperately seek

*  Energy Ignition of your pure potent power, so it surges through every fibre of your being, giving you a taste for what lays hidden in your depths

*  Absolute clarity around resolution of your biggest issue in your life


After your Initiation, Josephine may invite you to work with her further. She only invites those Souls who have demonstrated their willingness to Reclaim The King.


Those ready to claim their authority and authenticity, and break free from the shackles of the mind and conditioning. Move from their habits and shadow, into proud ownership and leadership.


You will be confronted with the truth through revelations and insight as to how to rip off and finally destroy the masks of life that weigh so heavily on your shoulders.


Your Investment for Alchemy Initiation is US$500.
Please allow up to 2 hours for the Initiation.


Discover what it will take to shatter the paradigms holding you hostage, the escape the wrath of modern day emasculation, to claim your own innate power and magic that’s been asleep for centuries.


Bring wizardry to the workplace and magic to mentorship. Transcend the egoic forces and systems with an unseen power as a catalyst for radical transformation in all your relationships.


Can you handle the ultimate freedom and are you ready to do what it will take to finally be free of your darkest shadows? Josephine will determine this in your time together.


First, you will explore and reveal your hidden fears to Josephine. Except she already knows them. Are you ready to admit them?

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