Own Your Choices

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Own Your Choices

20 years ago today, I arrived in New Zealand to start a new life.

I had two suitcases, heading to a friend’s to live, never been there before.

Not a moment of regret since of leaving England, I had followed my heart to pursue a life of freedom. Now my life is fulfilled only to discover I live in a country of prisoners.

One of my pet hates over the years is to be called a POM – Prisoner of the Motherland. The irony is, I came with my own free volition. Many friends are the descendants of immigrants, people moving to Australia for a better life. How many would be turning in their graves with the current situation of government control and legislation?

Perhaps it’s in the blood of many Australians to be ok being a prisoner. Being told what to do and when, paid by the government to be ‘looked after’. Yes, I like to ruffle feathers.

Consider why generations moved here in the first place and why in the present climate, more is not being done to advocate actually living with freedom of choice in a landscape dominated by the necessity of equality. That’s not strictly true, there are many organisations and groups unreported by MSM who are taking their stance and ownership seriously.

Many feel “I have no choice”.

No matter the circumstances, it is a complete untruth to say, “I have no voice”.

What makes the situation more intolerable is the persecution and hatred from “both sides” at the other.

All because of their belief system in what they are told and sold.

I am waiting for someone to explain how the requirement of the unvexinated to be excluded from society via a passport system is any different from wearing a yellow Star, like they did 82 years ago?

I have zero fear of death. Hand on heart, I have done what I came here to do, and there is still more yet to come.

It’s sad people still fear death. Even sadder still, they fear living more.

Take a minute to consider the war effort, during and after the event. Communities had to pull together, make the most of what they had, be resourceful in solutions. They stepped up in their self-responsibility, “doing their bit for kin and country”.

The death threat was real for all ages, there was actually a correlation between being out on the streets at night whilst bombs were dropping and dying. Isolation and deprivation of human contact was not a thing. A no-go to assist the economy to survive could never have been considered. Social events were held to raise morale, to pull together.

Can you imagine the swell of adrenalin, action and united response that kept humanity sane during these times? What served the country better, that or compliance, not doing anything, letting go of any sense of self choice and power through these situations?

Back then, the division was between countries. Now it is within the same communities.

Every person is free to collate the information available to make the best choice for their body, their sovereignty. What if, for one minute, people could be open to realising we are free to make our decisions based on our own truth, moral stance, belief system, the information, facts and figures you have, continue to have an open mind and acceptance of both sides of the story?

Right now, it’s like watching a war between vegans and carnivores. Peace-keepers and gun owners. Pointless, a pure waste of energy where both perspectives feed the same system.

What if instead, you stood firm in your own conviction, no matter what that is, and leave everybody else alone to do the same, with their same rights to freedom?

I hear you shout, “you have a moral duty to protect humanity”. Why yes, I do. From the lack of compassion, kindness and common sense that needs to prevail in a challenging time.  I have studied plenty of material from both camps, all have their “rights and wrongs” if you require to frame it like that.

Stand up for yourself, your ownership, speak your truth. Those that are ready to hear, will. It does nothing to jam it down their throat, in their face and threaten their very existence due to non-compliance. That is why the Nuremburg Code was created in 1947. Why have we regressed so far?

Stop penalising and persecuting others for speaking out, simply because it is different to your viewpoint and your own resources of information. This applies to both sides of the story. You don’t like what they say? Walk away.

England is now free to get on with their life. Solidarity is appearing in countries around the world to end such pointless division. Whilst life in Au & NZ continues its own penal system and penitentiary for people who simply wish to live.

Support those in your own camp, knowing if and when someone is ready to change their mind, one way or another, they will. Coercion, threats and bribery will never work to the extent governments believe they require.

We all live in hope that one day, full exposure and truth on all facets of this experience will be out in the open. Whether you like it or not, whether you agree with it or not. You  get to decide and no one can take that away from you. Own who you are and your decisions.

Focus on carrying your own baggage, however heavy it feels at times.
You can put it down whenever you choose.

Just don’t stand around and watch or respond in judgement.

Find your freedom and own your choices, no matter what.

Josephine Sorciere is the sophisticated ringmaster of the new breed of changemakers. Elegantly witchy, and insatiably insightful, she is the Alchemist who births the next generation of Legacy Leaders.

An inspiring author, wisdom teacher, coach and encoder for many lifetimes. More of her work can be discovered at www.josephinesorciere.com. Her philosophies, knowledge and story can be explored in depth within 2020: The Alchemists Awakening Volume One out now