Josephine Sorcierer
Josephine sorciere purple

Who is she?



There is a woman… the sophisticated ringmaster of the new breed of female change makers and magicians. Elegantly witchy, and insatiably insightful, she is the Alchemist who births the next generation of Legacy Leaders.


For Josephine energetically awakens the genius codes within you and your offspring. Liberation from centuries of cultural conditioning, freedom from the shackles of your troubled mind. Destroying the paradigms of your life. The depth of your Truth will be revealed, the illusions shattered, until your power can no longer be leashed.


Want to see and be seen in your deepest authenticity, claiming with full authority who you really are?


Then come into this woman’s beautifully designed yet deeply challenging cauldron, allow her to hold up your mirror of illusions– and see it crack from side to side.


Super consciousness is indeed being unfurled at the fingertips of the Witch of Witches, the enigmatic
Josephine Sorciere.