The multi-faceted ringmaster of witchy elegance offers her Coven Collection to those ready to escape the shackles of human conditioning. Leading edge energy solutions for mind, body & Soul, all with the grace & sophistication of a 21st century Alchemist.


The Coven calls the change agents and visionaries who are literally dying inside, desperate for release from the illusions and boredom of life they keep hidden behind the elegant masks.
It is time to unleash The Alchemist within, and let your innate power run riot through every aspect of your life.


Pregnancy Alchemy
The Coven beckons the Maidens who long to have a baby, yet the Conception Codes are shut down. Your body is no longer colluding in your inauthenticity. Your own liberation will open the locks.
The keys were hidden centuries ago. It’s time to release the Karmic Contract with your unborn child. She is waiting for you.


Prasamana is Awakening Luxury. Discover the stunning range of silk scarves and reversible meditation wraps. Take your sacred space with you always.
Unique hand finished works of wearable art wrap you in the energetic codes of the Universe. Luxurious elegance for the modern day witch.


Creating high frequency energetic spaces with the latest technology. Neutralise harmful EMF radiation, wifi, 5G and energetic imprints to radically reduce stress on your body.
Adopt solutions providing the purest vibrations for your mind, body and spirit.


Josephine’s Wisdom

  • pregnant red dress

    The reason you’re not pregnant

    The reason you’re not pregnant yet is that you haven’t admitted you’re a witch. Discover the Truth about opening the Conception Codes.

  • own your magic

    How clear are you about your superpower?

    Your innate superpower cannot be copied or learnt from another. It is your own unique code, waiting for you to unlock and unleash.

  • freedom from empathy

    Hold the Space without Empathy

    There is something deeply empowering about holding the space for another to realise their own Truth. Not coming from the place of being an expert.

  • The 21st century Coven beckons

    The 21st Century Coven beckons you, as the cauldron warms the shackles of your life, ready to melt your own imprisonment.

  • Your Life As Art

    Is your life a timeless piece of exquisite art, a masterpiece in which you get lost every time you look at it? Do you find new mysteries to explore in

  • The Unlived life of a parent

    “You so desperately wanted children from an early age to wipe away the pain caused by abandonment from your own father. He left a gaping hole in you

the dark disruptors

The Dark Disruptors

You are ready to shatter the paradigms for profound change and become the Legacy Leader you are here to be.


Step into a world beyond belief, where there is no norm. Your DNA is pounding in your veins to create massive disruption and bring into being a new stance of leadership and vision never seen.


Just like you have done in many lifetimes before. Except now, it’s the real deal, on the cutting edge of consciousness. You have a vital role to play in transforming life as we know it.


For high level corporate types & established entrepreneurs.

Disruptive Initiation
The Magician

Unleashing The Alchemist

The elegant, sophisticated woman yearns to shatter the illusions of her life and swim to the depths of her truth. To feel the ultimate freedom from the masks she wears, and transcend the limitations of her cultural cages.


She longs to explore her innate power, kept shackled in her belly since childhood. Longing to escape the madness of normality and enter a secret world of magical potential.


It’s time to claim your Inner Sorceress. Your Genius Giant.

Unleash The Alchemist
Confident man in classic grey suit sitting on chair in cabinet


The charming and influential gentleman  is ready to  come face to face with his darkest secrets and fears. The ones that hold him hostage, unable to claim his deepest power and ownership of who he really is.


He is ready to unravel to paradox of his own existence and see the Truth of what is. Only then will he be free of societal paradigms and inner demons keeping him from unlocking the real powerhouse.


It’s time to claim your kingdom, power, and glory.

pregnancy alchemy

Birthing Dark Awakening

The reason you’re not pregnant yet is that you haven’t admitted you’re a witch.


The spirit of your child has no interest in being conceived by a mother who is not on board with her true authenticity. Your conception codes will remain switched off until you own the innate power and magic of Who you Really Are.


Enter the coven to unlock the contract you have with your unborn baby, she is waiting.

Pregnancy Alchemy
soul revelations

Soul Revelations

You know NOW is the time to discover, harness and live your Soul Purpose. For all the self awakening you have done, you still have not grasped how to weave your unique magic into your reality.


Start by understanding the Truth of Who You Really Are.  Your Soul realms reveal your greatest gifts and challenges, its time to tap into the resources and power which fuel your Soul.


Awaken to your essence, it awaits you.

Soul Revelations