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Claim My Ultimate Desire


It’s TIME to claim your ultimate desire. No more excuses, fears, doubts.


Be ready for your deepest awakening and liberation.


Soul is calling you, dark feminine energy stirs, your heart yearns to escape the shackles of the mind.

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Taste the freedom that awaits with Josephine’s inaugural transformation challenge, where you will:


*  define and clarify the energy around your perceived lack
*  receive Josephine’s truth as to the real reasons it remains elusive
*  energetically reprogram with powerful Activations and encoding
*  massively switch on your inner systems, awakening your dormant codes of power and creation
*  liberate yourself from the illusions keeping you trapped and small.


I welcome you to my deeply challenging cauldron, where liberation in 2021 is waiting for you to claim. so many have felt shackled in 2020, it is time to break free from these illusions once and for all.


* Register today, for the upcoming  Challenge
* Tasks each day, with a livestream every evening US time
* Encoding Activations to potently transmute your energy fields
* Private FB group with access to my Desire Coven, and to me

Yahoo addresses are blacklisted by Get response. please use an alternative email address

I promise you this is nothing like you have experienced before.
No streams of light and fluffy, no intention setting or meditating.
Simply bring a journal and an open heart and mind,
ready to explore new cosmic consciousness and potent energy transmissions.


You will have absolute clarity at the end of the 5 days as to what’s been blocking you, what you need to ultimately be free of the lifetimes of sabotage, and a taster of the complete freedom that awaits you


Until we meet in my Desire Coven,

josephine sorciere